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Argyros Mansion, Santorini

Welcome to Santorini, the magical island of poets, painters, vine growers and wine makers. Welcome to Argyros Mansion, the only restored and open to the public mansion in Santorini. In the heart of the island, the village of Messaria, once the winemaking center of Santorini, the part that the delicious vinsanto wine and the commercialization of Santorinian wines gave a different tone in the everyday life of the island with an aura of glamour and wealth that characterized the 19th century in Santorini. The aesthetic of this era is reflected beautifully and perfectly in the premises of Argyros Mansion.




Awarded by

Europa Nostra

In 1997 Argyros Mansion was awarded with the Europa Nostra Award as a memorial conservation of ..


Argyros Mansion in Santorini

Guided Tours

You can visit Argyros Mansion as an independent (individual) visitor, or as a group. It is our great pleasure to welcome schools, universities, colleges and every visitor who wants to live the magic of Santorini in ...

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